Increase your analysis performances

Your premium access allows you to access to new functionalities on your C-Cube Clinical Research Edition software. Obtain your licence for a time of one year from your subscription.

You are guaranteed to possess the last version of the software and all its last innovations. This offer includes new features and version change.

Access to new views

Preview the results of your studies with two new views.

pack premium statistiques

Statistics view

Access to graphical representations of study results trends by patient, session, area, or ROI.

Rendering view

Evaluate the effectiveness of treatments on a patient-by-patient basis with a gallery of criteria renderings and graphs of analyzed data.

pack premium rendus

Access to capillary module

The Tricho-One module is an accurate tool for hair loss and treatment response.

With Tricho-One, you can now measure all important parameters of hair gross.

pack premium tricho-one

Take advantage of new, ever more powerful tools

pack premium études multicentriques

Multi-center studies

This feature allows you to manage your multi-center studies by centralizing data analysis on a single workstation. The automatic import and update of your partners’ study files in your analysis station allows you to start the analysis before the end of your studies.

Export 3D print

Reveal the results of your studies from every angle by exporting the 3D volume of your data in a format compatible with the Windows 3D viewer.

This 3D rendering can be used by your entire team.

pack premium profilométrie

Profilometric analysis

The new profilometry tool allows you to accurately monitor the depth and volumeof wrinkles during your clinical studies.

Analyze these two criteria without limit


Patch D-squame® or Corneofix® (Area%, area mm², index desquamation, repartition on 5 categories and rendering)

D-Squame® patch samples are analyzed with the Pixience Sample Reader and the C-Cube camera.

Analyzing the intensity levels in the sampling area allows you to determine a threshold between the “background” (the dark sampling area) and the “shape” (the scales). The amount of flakes, being correlated with skin dryness, can be used as an indicator of hydration.

pack premium keratine


Patch Sebutape® or Sebufix® (Area%, area mm², score % and rendering)

Sebutape® or Sebufix® patches are used to collect sebum from the surface of the skin.

The sampling area and the fitting time are always the same. The samples are analyzed with the Pixience Sample Reader and the C-Cube camera.

The analysis of the intensity levels in the sampling area allows to define a threshold between the “background” (grey sampling area) and the “shape” (black sebum stains).

Image processing by credit

Thanks to a new system of credit management, you can analyze more criteria directly in your software. You control your costs and your analysis time. These analyses are unlimited with Ultimate access.


(Index %)

It is measured using the patented C-Cube technology, using colorimetric standardization. It quantifies variations in brightness, redness and homogeneity. These criteria, correlated with sensory measurements, lead to a radiance index.


(Amount of pollution particles % and rendering)

The C-Cube performs reliable and metric color measurements, enabling the detection and quantification of pollution particles. The analysis produces an image showing the location of the particles detected and the proportion of skin covered by pollution.


(Isotropy %, score isotropy %)

Isotropy is an indicator of skin ageing and hydration. Grooves in all directions are isotropic and convey youthful, hydrated skin. If they show a single direction, they are anisotropic and indicate older, drier skin.


(Score %, count, density, total pores area µm², mean pores area µm², total pore volume µm3, mean pore volume µm3, mean pore depth µm, maximum depth µm, mean diameter µm)

3D analysis increases pore detection sensitivity by assessing depth and possible filling.