The essential ally for your practice

Complete, fast and efficient, it frees up your time by intelligently automating the various stages of your consultations. Opt for everyday efficiency!

Enter the tactile era

Explore reinvented ergonomics with our full-touch design. Forget about using a keyboard or mouse. Selecting a patient, launching an acquisition or performing a measurement becomes simple, fast and natural.

Immerse yourself in an intuitive user experience, accessible at the touch of a finger. Free yourself from technical constraints for fluid, instinctive interaction, redefining the way you interact with your Edition dermatologie software.

No manual input required!

The C-Cube Dermatology software stands out as the only one capable of reading vital statistics cards. With a single gesture, you can create or select a patient file.

You’re guaranteed

  • Quickly and efficiently locate a patient in your database.
  • Accurate data entry.
  • The certainty of correct patient file selection.
logiciel dermatologie carte vitale
logiciel dermatologie carte vitale

Optimizes your time!

Save precious hours by eliminating the need to transfer or rename images. They are now automatically saved in the corresponding patient file.

Protects your well-being during your consultations

The C-Cube video dermoscope and its software are the result of an ingenious design combining technologies and innovations to offer an unparalleled dermoscopy experience. Here are some technical elements that set it apart and guarantee optimal comfort during its use:

  • Ultra-high-resolution video and image : The use of state-of-the-art optics ensures that you get a clear and sharp video and image of skin lesions. Their details are clearly visible on the computer screen to avoid fatigue and specific positioning of your eye.
  • Remote control: With its on-board mouse, you can smoothly explore the software interface, navigate with ease and zoom in for detailed analysis while minimizing movement between the patient and your computer.


The adoption of the C-Cube video dermoscope goes far beyond its medical utility. By allowing for a thorough inspection without compromising physical comfort, the C-Cube video dermoscope and its software are positioned as the ideal tool to prevent muscle tension and eye strain. This innovative technology frees you from postural constraints, promoting a more ergonomic approach to your exams.

Simplifies the follow-up of your patients

Optimize your patients’ follow-up with the automatic mode of the C-Cube Edition Dermatology software. This mode gives you an instant view of the lesions to be tracked already captured during the last consultation. Once acquired, you have immediate access to the complete history for early detection of the smallest skin changes, eliminating the need for unnecessary biopsies

  • Automatic registration and overlapping of the lesion over time
  • Instant view of history
  • Ability to mark a lesion to watch out for

Ingests secure correspondence

Designed by experienced dermatologists, the C-Cube Dermatology software revolutionizes the generation of examination or lesion reports. In one click, simplify the management of all your correspondence with your general practitioners or surgeons (an exclusive feature). These reports integrate seamlessly with your patient software, making it easy to seamlessly incorporate them into your medical records.

Your clinical illustrations reports

Acne, rosacea , seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, hives, Verneuil’s disease, mycoses, wounds…

Your dermoscopy illustrations reports

Melanoma, carcinoma, actinic keratosis, scalp, scabies…

Preserve your freedom

C-Cube dermatology software is the only software capable of managing images from different sources. Whether they come from your C-Cube, your camera or your smartphone, they are all transferred and backed up instantly.

Wireless clinical photos

Preserve your mobility during exams with our wireless clinical photo technology, leveraging our smartphone apps (Android and iPhone)! Ultra-high-resolution images allow you to significantly reduce the number of acquisitions required for each exam.

Delegate part of your activity

Optimize your management by delegating specific tasks. With our solution, you have the ability to manage user accounts and set access levels for each member of your firm. This allows you to focus fully on detecting and diagnosing suspicious lesions, while delegating certain responsibilities to an employee, such as:

  • Creation of the patient file
  • Clinical and dermoscopic imaging
  • Lesion mapping


Free up your time for crucial tasks by effectively handing over operational aspects to your team.

 “A demonstration is worth a thousand words.” Request a demo online, or in your office, and experience for yourself the revolution that C-Cube is bringing to your dermatology practice.


We are glad to announce the availability of the latest version 3.7.1 of our C-Cube Dermatology software. This update brings a series of improvements that aim to optimize your user experience and meet your needs even better. To update your software to the latest version, please request it via the online form. Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns.