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C-Cube QuickScale

Quick and easy skin analysis

The only imaging device capable of measuring
16 skin and hair criteria in real time

logiciel clinique


Discover the new C-Cube dermoanalyzer designed for your clinical studies
An accurate and versatile system that will speed up your studies, and reduce your costs

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Gestion des protocoles

Thanks to its 2D and 3D sensor, quickly produce a reliable and repeatable measurement of various skin and hair criteria such as: color (L*a*b*), amount of sebum, hydration percentage, volume and depth of wrinkles, amount of pores or a radiance index.

Back up all your claims and product effects with one single system. Use innovative criteria and never seen before illustrations in your marketing material. Criteria are computed and displayed in real time so you save time on post-processing and analysis.


 Light and easy protocol management

Volunteers and measurements are added on the fly, with no constraint whatsoever.

Automatic selection of measurement site: the software chooses the measurement site in accordance with the criterion you have selected.

Logiciel Clinique


Logiciel Clinique


Step-by-step guidance

Icons and visual cues tell you what tool to use for each criterion (camera cap, external probe…).

Contextual expert advice on volunteer selection, measurement site, preparation and constraints to guarantee the best possible measurement.

Simple scores and scales

All criteria are expressed as real-life, observable effect that you can easily use to back up your allegations.

Each criterion is presented on a customizable 4 steps scale for easy classification.

You also get the continuous measurement, usually presented as a percentage, for an intuitive interpretation.

Visualisez les variations de la pigmentation ou la présence d’une rougeur érythémateuse.

Exportez ces images à des fins d’illustration pour vos publications ou pour présentation à vos services marketing.

Logiciel Clinique

Hair density

Logiciel Clinique


Easy bulk export of all the illustrations

Continuous measurements and scale classification are provided as an Excel spreadsheet for easy statistical analysis.

Illustrations are saved as JPEG images.