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Image Expert module

Increase the potential of your images

This software option is the result of unique Pixience know-how. Learn how to standardise your before and after photos and reveal hidden information in your dermoscopy.



Take control of your photos

Standardise and view medical images like never before

The before and after images of aesthetic procedures or of large pathological areas are finally comparable over time

You also gain insight into all the information contained in your dermoscopic images

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Standardised clinical photos

Regardless of light conditions or the distance and position of your patient, your before and after clinical photos automatically become comparable over time. You no longer need a special room or to darken your examination room.

9 exclusive filters for better dermoscopic documentation

Refine your diagnosis or concretely observe the efficacy of your aesthetic treatments drawing on the ten image rendering filters developed by our image processing experts.

Image filters for your dermatological consultations


Structures and Structures+

These image options provide strong contrasts and improved sharpness, enabling you to clearly view the structures of pigmented skin lesions (spots, blemishes, blood vessels, rashes, pseudopods, etc.)




Natural colours

This display mode renders the true appearance of the skin as realistically as possible. It maintains the colours and natural appearance of the skin lesion (True Color technology).


Image contrasts are rendered in a targeted, dynamic way to reveal the most subtle colour variations.



Pigmented network

Owing to its “X-ray” appearance, this image option allows you to detect and quantify the extent of a pigmented network at a glance.

Number of colours

The number of colours in a lesion is an objective numerical criterion that is crucial for many clinical scores, but it is sometimes difficult to ascertain. Use this image option to help you to count the colours.



Image filters for aesthetic treatments



Study erythematous or highly vascular areas with a view to assessing couperosis and rosacea.



Erythema index

This image option can be used to reveal severely erythematous, or highly vascular areas.


View variations in the concentration of melanin, of pathogenic origin, or a result of the ageing process (age spots).



Pigmentation index

Improve your ability to ascertain melanin concentration with this image option that artificially enhances variations in pigmentation.