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Expert Analysis module

Accurately automate analyses of pigmented spots

C-Cube Dermatology software calculates the morphological and colorimetric parameters and standardises analyses of pigmented spots.



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A reliable, efficient software tool

The Expert Analysis component places state-of-the-art tools for automatically detecting the outlines of spots, analysing their size and colour, and extracting objective numerical values ​​for each of these criteria in the palm of your hand.

Gain confidence as you can accurately observe changes in clinical scores over time by easily identifying changes in nature and/or appearance.

Maintain control

The edge of skin spots can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis and calculated criteria can be corrected.

A continuously improving tool

We run anonymous data collection drives with our dermatologist partners with the aim of feeding the information gathered into our detection and analysis algorithms.

Criteria analysed

Morphological criteria

The Expert Analysis component offers you the option of measuring the diameter, surface and perimeter of skin spots. The calculation of these criteria is based on precise, automated positioning of the edges of the spot. To ensure precision in detecting borders, C-Cube dermatology software applies a type of virtual shaving filter which allows for reliable analysis, even in hairy areas.

The number of colours

Used in a variety of clinical scores such depigmantation analysis or tatoos removal, the number of colours is usually difficult to ascertain. Using our True Color technology, colour analysis has finally been automated in a reliable, accurate, replicable way.

Changes in skin spots

Morphological and colorimetric criteria can be compared over time for your your clinical evaluation needs.