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Pixience Color Chart

PCC colour correction chart technology provides a key tool for standardising your clinical and aesthetic images.




By integrating a metric and colorimetric reference framework into your images under controlled conditions, exclusive PCC test chart technology estimates and corrects deviations.

Standardise your images and videos

Conduct metric and colorimetric measurements

Eliminate discrepancies between devices or different users

Technological innovation

The exclusive automatic test chart detection technology used in photos and videos and the correction process are the results of Pixience R&D, and are subject to an international patent.





A variety of situations require the production of reliable, standardised photographs, for both medicine and in the field of dermocosmetics:

Long-term clinical studies

Multicentric studies

Cosmetic vigilance


What advantages do PCC test charts offer?

Improved homogeneity of measurements conducted on images

More effective regulatory monitoring


Quick and easy integration into your clinical studies, even on a large scale

Optimised image processing quality and performance