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Sample Reader

Ex-vivo Observations

The Sample Reader is a versatile accessory that converts the C-Cube camera into an ex vivo imaging device.

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This ingenious system with a specific slide for each type of observation allows you to easily scan images of small objects, liquids, powders or creams, and even hair or sample patches.

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Customised slides

Creams, liquids, Sebutape©, D-Squame© patches or tablets… Our catalogue is sure to contain the slide you need. Place your sample on the slide, then insert it into the reader to get a sharp, standardised image.

We can also develop specific slides you may need.


Its rotating ring allows you to easily focus on images to ensure image clarity for more detailed observation.

Regardless of the size of your sample, we guarantee that you will be able to produce an optimal image from it.

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Examples of images produced by the Sample Reader

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Observe tablet coatings for quality control.

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Study the consistency or stability of the colours or pigments used in creams.

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D-Squame© Patches

Ascertain skin dryness by observing patches of skin flake samples.

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Evaluate the manufacturing quality or colour stability of capsules.

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Measure the colour of a specific solution in a standardised manner.

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Sebutape© Patches

Quantify seborrhoea by observing sebum sampling kits in a standardised manner.