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Pixience Cloud

The online image processing service

Enhance your analyses using dedicated expert image processing, manage the cost of your analyses by adopting a payment system per image, and access an unprecedented array of measurements and depictions.

Pixience Cloud  is a web-based platform allowing you to innovate in your studies. You can choose the required level of analysis according to your needs, from processing images and data to statistical and scientific reporting. Take a look at our catalogue or ask us for customised analyses.

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cloud@pixience.com ou +33 (0)5 81 31 42 74
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How does it work?

Select the desired analyses from our image processing catalogue and securely transfer your data to our server. Invoices are issued per image depending on your volumetry. Select the options you require: statistical analyses, full scientific reports, etc. Your data is then processed and checked by our experts. Once it has been validated, your results are published on our portal.


Pixience Cloud Le service de traitement d'image en ligne 

Manage costs

With Pixience Cloud, you only pay for what you use. The principle of invoicing per image allows you to:

access innovative image analysis algorithms

Avoid bearing the development or maintenance costs.


A dedicated, secure area

Pixience Cloud allows you to safely process your data.

Your data is transferred via an encrypted connection to ensure the confidentiality of the data being shared.

Following analysis and processing, easily download your results on the same portal.

Pixience Cloud Le service de traitement d'image en ligne

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