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C-Cube Clinical Research Edition

Software designed for clinical studies

Developed in close collaboration with clinical centres of expertise, C-Cube Clinical Research Edition software covers all aspects of your studies.

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User-friendly interface

The C-Cube Clinical Research Edition application enables you to seamlessly integrate the C-Cube camera into your clinical study protocols.

Logiciel Clinique

Gestion des protocoles

Management of clinical study protocols

Describe your clinical study protocols by indicating lists of patients, various visits and measurement areas. This enables you to benefit from:

a mapped-out scanning process, automatic data saving and a clear naming of image files

data export that are compatible with all spreadsheets

 Mapped-out scanning

The scanning interface allows you to view and capture images of your patients in line with the clinical study protocol concerned.

Integrated tools help you achieve optimal camera positioning for each scan

All images are automatically named and saved to ensure the safekeeping of your data

This allows you to continually monitor the progress of your study

Logiciel Clinique

Logiciel Clinique

Analyses and measurements

The analysis interface allows you to browse the images of a particular study to conduct metric and colorimetric measurements.

Filter images per patient, visit or area and use the monitoring tools to compare different scans.

Highlight areas of interest on which surface area, length, colour and various skin-specific indices such as inflammation or pigmentation can be calculated.

Image filter options

Various means of artificial rendering produce coloured images that illustrate or amplify specific skin characteristics.

View variations in pigmentation or the presence of erythema

Export these images to be used for illustrative purposes in publications or in presentations to your marketing teams

Logiciel Clinique