Introducing C-Cube QuickScale

Discover our brand new software for skin and hair image analysis designed for clinical studies. The only device capable of measuring

16 different criteria (and counting)

in real time, with minimal training and absolutely no post-processing.


It’s a different tool from C-Cube Clinical Research whose strength comes from :

• the rigorous management of protocols

• the ability to target structures

• the measurement of low-level geometric or colour parameters

In C-Cube QuickScale, we do things a bit differently…

Work faster

No hard-coded protocol management: Volunteers and measurements are added on the fly, with no constraint whatsoever

No need to select the area of measurements: The software chooses the measurement site in accordance with the criterion you have selected

Criteria are computed in real-time and the corresponding illustrations are automatically produced

Simple scales

No more obscure parameters: all criteria are expressed as real-life, observable effect that you can easily use to back up your allegations

Each criterion is presented on a 4 steps scale for easy classification

You also get the continuous measurement, usually presented as a percentage, for an intuitive interpretation


Step-by-step guidance

Icons and visual cues tell you what tool to use for each criterion (camera cap, external proble…)

Use the contextual expert advice on volunteer selection, measurement site, preparation and constraints to guarantee the best possible measurement.

And more…

Easy bulk export of all the illustrations

Continuous measurements and scale classification provided as an Excel spreadsheet for easy statistical analysis

Access new criteria previously only available on Pixience Cloud

After 4 years and tens of thousands of images processed through Pixience Cloud, we are now able to give you access to more complex an automatic measurements.

Dryness and Sebum on patches

Complex 3D analysis of wrinkles, microrelief or pores

Amount of pollution

« Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact me so we can setup a personnalized demonstration of the brand new C-Cube QuickScale software. »

Romain Vié, Technical Sales Engineer

+33 (0)5 81 31 42 74